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Field Dates is a company committed to creating a unique networking and bonding experience, for youth of all ages starting from 5 and up. Our company is interested in hosting a team building experience for your students by providing team activities that are geared towards social engagement and fostering healthy relationships. Our social
development activities promote health and wellness. We focus on team building activities, student engagement, self acceptance, and friendly team competition to help improve social skills.

Field Dates creates a safe place to get physically and mentally active all while making connections with fellow classmates and embracing physical education.

We are delighted to invite you to book your next student team building experience with Field Dates!


Typical Schedule

8am: Registration
9am - 12pm: Game Time
12pm - 1pm: Lunch
1pm - 2pm: Pep Rally
2pm - Closing Time

Basic Package

$20 per Student

Minimum of 500 Students

Refreshments (water and Gatorade)
One class group photo (additional photos available for purchase)
Food Package (optional, prices may vary)

Additional Information

Rep: Chad Cossey

Phone: (713) 429-2639


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